Miscellaneous queries

What happens when a customer's phone number changes?

Your business does not get notified when a customer changes their WhatsApp phone number. When you use the contacts node, the status for that number will be invalid.

What happens when a customer's phone number becomes inactive?

If a customer's phone number becomes inactive, but the customer is still using WhatsApp, the customer will continue to have access to WhatsApp until/if the phone number is reassigned or reregistered.

Can a user send us a malicious payload?

A message payload from a user can be either a text or media file.

For text, there is not believed to be any identified danger.

For media files:

  • Normally, it is expected that businesses have some protection software (i.e., anti-virus, anti-malware, etc.) in place to analyze any potential threats.

  • WhatsApp is unable to identify or check the content of a file being transferred as it is end-to-end encrypted (the same also applies for text-only content).

  • There is an option to prevent media files being automatically downloaded in the WhatsApp Business API Client. If the business does not want to receive any file from users, they can set the auto_download field to an empty array.

What is the logic of “customer care window”? What is the duration?

If customer initiate a message then there a window of 24 hrs per customer at which business can send any kind of message. This window is rolling window. For such message opt-in is NOT required. Any customer can initiate and message over whatsapp and do the conversation. Example - If 919930609609 has said HI at 9 AM at 15 Aug then business can send reply by 9 AM till 16 Aug.

What happens if communication is sent to Non Opt In customers?

The health of a number is determined by how many customers block the number. In an instance, where non-opt in customers receive communication from a business they are likely to block the number which negatively affects the health of the number. This is measured by whatsapp with Green, Orange and Red as indicators of the health. The same is maintained with Netcore and is periodically shared with you.

Can opt-in be taken on an offline channel - like pen and paper?

Yes you can. We will expose API. You can pass these opt-in via that.

Can I allow a customer to use link shared on whats app to make payment?

No, payment link are not allowed. but you can transfer to your website/app and their they can do payment.

Can we ask for subscriptions to non-opted in users when they initiate a conversation in WhatsApp?

No, Whatsapp requires the opt ins from any channels other than whatsapp. Will the clients be able to view or download the conversation history from any UI?

Yes, this is available in pepipost, please take a demo from Anand to understand in detail.

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