Are there any sandbox API available with netcore to test WhatsApp Business API?

Place your request at and we will be happy to share testing details with you.

Can I change the phone number or verified name at a later time?

Yes, we can set up a new phone number or change the verified name when you are ready to go live.

How do I change the phone number associated with my WhatsApp Account?

You can register new phones numbers and delete old one in your WhatsApp Account in the Facebook Business Manager.

  1. In your WhatsApp Account, go to Settings.

  2. Click on WhatsApp Manager.

  3. Select the Phone Numbers tab. This is where you can manage all the phone numbers for this account

What if my phone number cannot be reached by either voice or SMS?

Unfortunately, you will need to pick a different phone number that is capable of receiving SMS or voice in order for us to send the registration code. In the past, we had allowed manual registration codes, but this is no longer supported. Phone numbers that used manual registration codes before will continue to be supported as required. For any new phone numbers, we will only deliver registration codes via SMS or voice call.

How to proceed when registration is failing because of too many attempts?

If registration is failing with "sms" because of too many attempts and you see an "access denied" message, then please try registering with "voice"

Do I need a new registration code when switching machines?

If you back up your current setup and restore it on the new machine, the registration information should move over with the rest of your implementation

How do I request a WhatsApp official business account (green badge account)?

If you or your end client would like to request become an WhatsApp official business account, Please follow these instructions to request an official business account. For accounts managed by business solution providers, the process is initiated by the solution providers.

  1. Access Direct Support from your Business Manager.

  2. Click the Ask a Question button in the top right corner.

  3. Select WABiz: Request official business account status and fill out the required information.

  4. If you have not set up two-factor verification for the phone number you want verified, follow the instructions in the Two-Step Verification documentation to enable it.

  5. If you have not completed Facebook Business Verification, see Verify Your Business for more information.

The request status will be available under Direct Support in Business Manager.

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